SUNTOP CN LIMITED is ISO 13485 certified and providing the components and finish products one-stop solution for medical device that is from the medical idea/ designing/prototyping/to products realizing. With few year efforts, we are able to provide world top rank medical companies with good quality and cost effective products The area we are current do are as following: Plastic injection mould/Tooling, Plastic blow mould/Tooling, Cleanroom Plastic parts injection molding and blow molding ISO 13485:2016, Prototyping parts like CNC, SLA, SLS, 3D printing, Silicon molding and metal prototype parts, Metal CNC, Turning parts, like Axle, Shaft, connectors, Mechanical assembling, Cleanroom assembling ISO 13485: 2016, Whiteroom assembling, Thermoform medical products packing, like PVC, PET, PETG formed medical cover/case, Medical tubing/ catheter, RIM (Reaction Injection Molding), Silicon parts, Medical products sourcing/cleaning/Inspection Please contact us by to get more details