Nephrology Nursing & Critical Care

Nephrology Nursing:

A nephrology nurse is a nursing professional that specialises in kidney health. They treat and care for individuals who have renal disease as well as those who are at risk of developing kidney disease. Polycystic kidney disease, renal cysts, blockages, and kidney stones are some of the medical issues that nephrology nurses may encounter. Because there are many factors that might impact kidney health, nephrology nurses often work with a wide range of patients, including children and adults. Nephrology nurses play an important role in examining, diagnosing, educating, and treating patients who have advanced kidney disease or are at risk of developing renal disease.

Critical Care

Intensive care is the focused care of patients whose illnesses are deadly and require total attention and continuous monitoring, commonly in intensive care units.

A rising number of patients treated by nephrologists at the hospital are dangerously sick with renal disease. As a result, critical care nephrology has arisen as an unique sub-discipline during the last decade, combining the skills of nephrologists and intensivists.

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