Kidney Diseases

Kidneys are necessary for a healthy body. They are primarily in charge of filtering waste products, excess water, and other contaminants from the blood.

Kidney disease occurs when your kidneys become compromised and unable to work properly. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses can all cause kidney damage. Kidney illness can cause additional health issues such as weak bones, neurological damage, and starvation. If the condition progresses, your kidneys may cease to function entirely. The majority of kidney illnesses affect the nephrons.

In general, kidney disorders do not go away with a single diagnosis. A healthy lifestyle is the greatest approach to maintain kidney health. Kidney disease can progress over time. It might potentially result in renal failure. Some kidney disease risk factors, such as age, gender, race, or family history, are uncontrollable. There are, however, steps you may do to help avoid kidney disease.

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