Speaker Biography

Sihem Attou

CHU Nefissa Hamoud Parnet Hussein Dey, Algiera

Title: The transhepatic catheterism in the young children for the kidney transplantation

Sihem Attou

Dr. Sihem Attou is the Nephrologist working in CHU Nefissa Hamoud Parnet Hussein Dey, Algiera for 10 years.


We report the case of a 13-year-old child with total vascular depletion, the only alternative of which was a renal rescue transplant.
After a complete assessment before the renal transplant, the induction treatment required central administration, the only possibility was a hepatic catheter placed in the emergency. We decided to use an unconventional vascular approach  in per and immediate postoperative despite its high thrombogenic risk.The patient received all of his induction therapy by sushepatic  without incidents but, however, under effective anticoagulants administered for preven thrombotic risk.
The use of unconventional central pathways in kidney transplantation is increasingly coveted, given the defects of renal transplant recipients who have been purified by hemodialysis and are subject to vascular peripheral depletion.
The transhepatic route is a good alternative in this case while waiting for renal transplantation (1) as well as for the use of renal transplant induction treatments and has already been used in a patient with high immunological risk who required bortezomib and Of central eculizumab with complete vascular exhaustion on highly thrombogenic terrain in order to prepare for a rescue transplant