Speaker Biography

Francisco Salcido-Ochoa

Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre, Singapore

Title: An update in diabetic kidney disease

Francisco Salcido-Ochoa

Francisco Salcido-Ochoa studied Medicine in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He did both his Master of Science (Immunology) and his PhD in ‘Transplantation Tolerance and Immunoregulation’ at Imperial College London. He also worked in Internal Medicine at the Royal London and Barts Hospitals, obtaining his MRCP (UK). He did his specialisation in Nephrology at the Singapore General Hospital, where he worked for 10 years as a nephrologist. Currently, he is a nephrologist and transplant immunologist practicing at Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre in Singapore, focusing on general nephrology, kidney transplantation, diabetic kidney disease, diabetes prevention, including weight loss. Dr Francisco has several international publications and has been invited for several oral presentations in different countries including the UK, Mexico, Switzerland, Malaysia, Spain and Singapore. 


Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions around the World and is a top cause of adult disability and mortality. As a consequence, the incidence and prevalence of diabetic kidney disease have also increased. Diabetic kidney disease takes a big toll on patients, on their health, lifespan, economy and quality of life. Furthermore, caring for diabetic kidney disease and end-stage kidney disease impinges severely in the healthcare budget. Therefore, it is imperative to be up to date not only in the detection and management of diabetic kidney disease to retard its progression and complications, but importantly and strategically to prevent it at the earliest stages possible, which is before diabetes or even pre-diabetes ensue. This presentation provides a summary of the evidence and gives advice on the prevention, detection and management of diabetic kidney disease.