Speaker Biography

Kishore Kumar

Advance Renal Care Seychelles Private Limited, Seychelles

Title: Comparison of severity of rentinopathy in diabetic vs non-diabetic CKD patients

Kishore Kumar

Dr. Kishore Kumar is a physician by profession with major experience in Nephrology. Currently serving in Seychelles with Advance Renal Care International but also worked as medical officer in start of career with two most renowned organizations Agha Khan University & Save The Children int: in Pakistan and later on joined Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences as resident Nephrology for 5 years. Awarded and latter completed an international fellowship in Peritoneal Dialysis at Madras Medical Mission Hospital Chennai India by International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis. Awarded ISN-ANIO certification of Fellowship in Clinical Nephropathology in 2017 by International Society of Nephrology. 



The global burden of Chronic Kidney Disease has increased in recent years and its major causes are increased sedentary lifestyle practices along with growing numbers of diabetics, hypertensive and obese people. Retinopathy is defined as the presence abnormal changes in the micro vessels of the eye. These abnormal changes can predict the micro vascular changes in other vital organs of body which usually share a similar morphological pattern. Retinopathy is being considered as a predictor as early predictor a vascular changes, as it can prematurely detect micro vascular abnormalities in, vital organs that have a micro vascular structure similar to the retina. Reasonable amount of research work has been done to study the association between retinopathy and CKD. It is now a proven fact that the type of retinopathy and its severity have a directly proportionate relation with the progression of CKD or decline eGFR in both diabetics and non-diabetic patients. But the proliferation rate may differ in both.